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Wedding Series 1 - Dodged a Bullet

Diabetics know that you could get a hypoglycemic (hypo) attack at really awkward times. I’ve had some really strange ones but this one tops them all.

21 October 2018 – My wedding day. Yes, I had a hypo during my wedding not at the reception but the most important part the ceremony. Just as I was about to get up to say I do.

Don’t laugh, this really happened. It wasn’t severe but my maid of honour had to make a quick plan.

I think the excitement, lack of sleep and running about may have had an effect on my body.

Let’s start 3 day before the wedding which would be the Thursday. So I woke up really early to pick some of the bridesmaids from the airport which was amazing. We laughed, crying and did make lots of noise at the airport. I was getting married in a different county. I then took them to their apartment in Sandton. (Oh, we got married in South Africa) Freshened up then we were on our way to the venue for rehearsals. Went through what we were going to do for the ceremony and learnt the first part of the dance we were going to do for the reception. We did dance pratice everyday until the wedding on Sunday which was fun, however I did forget I was a diabetic, so I forgot to eat proper meals.

Fast-forward to Saturday night. We laughed. danced, sang and prepped our hair and all, right till the early hours of the morning. Not forgetting the Champagne with a few snaps here and there. I really wasn’t watching what I was eating but then again, I was having fun.

Sunday morning came, I woke up nice and early. This was the day I would be his Mrs. 5am - I woke up to pack my stuff and get my girls ready. Their make-up artist arrived at 6:30 and I left to go to the venue. (I slept where the bridesmaids were because I didn’t want to be alone)

I got there and Jaco (angel sent from above - wedding coordinator) ran me a bath and everything just started. We had snacks and more champagne. The atmosphere was just perfect. I got ready to walk down the aisle/ alter, but I did feel a bit shaky. I just thought it was the nerves but once I got down the Aisle I realised it might be a bit more. I ignored the feeling coz what was going on around me was beyond my wildest dream,so I thought it was my emotions and nerves. I was actually getting married.

The Reverend started speaking and asked us to sit. As I sat, my head started spinning. I looked back in panic and said to my best friend, ‘’GET ME SOME SUGAR, I’M HAVING A HYPO’’ She just stared at me like huhh. I guess she didn't expect it. Jaco (being the life saver) from the sides of the aisle/alter passes over sweets and chocolate. I ate that stuff like my life depended on it and things carried on as normal.

Excitement, champagne and lack of a good meal is never a good combination. Thank you Jaco for coming to my aid. I could have ended up on the floor just before my wedding vows.

Moral of the story

No matter how happy or excited you are always check your blood sugars and eat well. Being a bride does not make you immune to hypos.

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